Real Quick!

A few fun things I want you to know about. And some freak my weeks, too.


Popping in here real quick to tell you about two events I have coming up this week. Both are free and virtual! Feel free to forward to a friend - and hope to see you there.

Also included a few Freak My Weeks at the end, if these events aren’t your thing.


Empowering Teens/Caregivers To Take Control Of Their Health Through Knowledge, Self-advocacy, and Community • Thursday, July 15th!

Learning to advocate for my health and body was something that took a lot of time and painful lessons to achieve. And it’s why I’m so passionate about helping the next generation learn to do this way sooner, so they don’t suffer the way I had to. SO I am beyond excited to partner with Boogie Down Books on this event. Boogie Down specializes in events/books for kids, teens, families, and educators.

From Boogie Down Books about our event:
We're gathering together an intergenerational group of panelists to talk about their health and healing journeys through the empowering experience of becoming deeply knowledgeable about their own bodies, what they wish they knew as teens, and the tools that have helped them find healing and hope through knowledge, self-advocacy, and community. This event is for anyone who's looking to feel more connected to and empowered around their physical health and is designed especially for teens, parents, caregivers, school nurses, and other healthcare professionals who support young people. All are welcome!

You can register here!

Snacks + Chat with Everything Endometriosis • Saturday, July 17th

Every month, Everything Endometriosis has a Snacks & Chat where friendos (friends with endo) come together to talk endo and not endo…basically some time to hang with people who get it. I’m so excited to be the guest of honor this July!

They’ll be sending out some snack recipes before the event (from me) and will be doing a book giveaway. You can send in any questions you have when you register.

It’s free, virtual, and on the weekend (pajamas are encouraged!).

You can RSVP here!

• Love the Exit Scam podcast! It’s a true story about Gerald Cotten, who was the founder of Canada's biggest Bitcoin exchange. He died under mysterious circumstances and his customers were told that the $215 million they put in his exchange was lost, because Gerald had forgot to leave behind his passwords. BUT did he? Not everyone thinks he’s dead. Such a fascinating listen.

• I went to Greenhouse Canteen in Columbus, Ohio while visiting family last week and it was one of the best meals I’ve had in a very long time. Such a pretty space, too!

• Good Girls is so good this season. If you’re not watching it, past seasons are on Netflix and the current one is on Hulu. It just got cancelled and rumor is it’s because of Rio. Nooooo!

• Cosmic Peace Studio’s Do No Harm, Take No Shit shirts are back! You can pre-order here. They’ll go fast! I have one and love it so much.

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If you’re reading/read Know Your Endo and love it, please do me a big favor and leave a review! It really helps more people discover the book and raise more awareness for endo, too. You can head here to leave one (and you can still leave one on Amazon, even if you bought it someplace else). Really, really appreciate it.

And if you haven’t bought Know Your Endo, you can do that here!

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